Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sing, Sing a Song

I think I mentioned a couple of songs last time, but forgot to mention how much Evan loves to listen to and sing songs these days.  He is so sweet when he asks me to sing to him and even sweeter when he sings along.  His favorites are...
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Jesus Loves Me <3
The B-I-B-L-E
If You're Happy and You Know It
We tried to get a little on video the other night, but I haven't even played it back to see if you could hear him.  It takes both of us because when  try to take a video myself he wants to watch at the same time.

This weeks has been a little difficult with discipline.  Why isn't that easier?  I know there are more books to read regarding the subject, but I'm just trying to get by right now!  He was sitting in time out yesterday crying and yelling, "Ewan's crwying".  So sad!  The hug after was much needed, for both of us. 

I had Bible Study tonight and it felt good to get together with some fabulous ladies to learn and share.  History is awesome and we got a lot of background in the last two weeks.  We are studying James, the Beth Moore study.  It is great so far!  Can you imaging growing up as the (half-)brother of Jesus Christ?  Wow!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Progress

Evan's finger didn't heal too well since he decided to pull the stitches out.  He did a pretty poor job of leaving the bandage on, too.  Evan wasn't able to extend his pinky at all.  I didn't want him to blame me someday for not being able to play the guitar, or anything else that requires the use of your left pinky, so at his two year check-up Dr. Worrall recommended that we take him to a hand specialist.  The hand specialist said that he may or not need surgery and sent us to an OT to get a splint.  I'll have to post pictures of him in his splint.  He had to wear it all day for a week and then nights after that.  We are almost into the third week and he is definitely able to extend is pinky more than before.  Hopefully, it gets better before we go back to the hand specialist in a couple of weeks.  I'd hate for him to have to have surgery for a bent pinky, or anything really, before he even turns three!

In other news, Evan has grown rounder and not much taller.  At his two year check-up he weighed 27 lbs. and was about 35 inches.  He was between 25th and 35th percentile for weight, chunky monkey!  For Evan at least.  He's never broken the 25th percentile before.  He was only 50th percentile for height and I don't think he's ever been below the 75th percentile before.  His projected adult height is 5' 10''.  Dr. Worrall said he is either about to have a growth spurt or is just starting to even out.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  Not that there is anything wrong with average.  I was hoping, for his sake, that he would get his Grammy's and Uncle Jeremy's body type genes and not ours.  Here's hoping!  Everything else is perfect!  We are so blessed with our sweet little man. 

Some current favorites of his...
Bayineti (Baby Einstein), not sure why he is back on this, maybe because he can say it?
Little Einsteins, a little more appropriate ;)
Singing Tinka Tinka Tar (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), Baa Baa Sheep (Baa Baa Black Sheep), Jeuh Uv Me (Jesus Loves Me)
Watching shows in our bed with the cubers (covers)

It probably doesn't sound like his speech is much better, but he went from not talking much at all to talking all the time!

I can't get over all the things he knows, and can't help but wonder how he learned it all.  He can rote count and count objects all the way to 10 (technically he gets stuck on 3 and needs a little help sometimes).  Evan says "bye-bye" to everything he sees. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Trying Again!

I am a really sorry blogger! I'll try again for my memory and Evan. Hopefully, one day it will be a habit. I know I'll be happy being able to look back and see what was going on as he was growing up :)
Evan turned two a few weeks ago. He is so funny! Evan loves fire trucks, cars, keys, "tobby" (strawberry) milk, Blue's Clues, his cat, climbing, his grandparents, his nanny, and of course Mommy and Daddy. I'm sure I'll come up with more later.
Evan is not a fan of school :( I think it is because he'd rather go to the park to play everyday. He goes to MDO on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It seems that he doesn't get to go too often because he is always getting sick! Mainly little viruses, but he has had hand, foot and mouth. It was so gross! We are all glad that is behind us! Last week he learned how to blow his nose, so that is at least helping with the constant runny nose.
Evan didn't get to go to school today either because he got stitches yesterday! Just two on his pinky, but we didn't want to get any extra germs in there. We had a mishap with a knife while I was doing the dishes yesterday. I guess he was trying to help. We have child-proof latches for the cabinets and it looks like now we need them for the drawers. He was a champ at the emergency room. The doctor asked Justin to hold him and prepared us that it might not be pretty since kids Evan's age don't usually do very well with getting stitches. As the doctor gave Evan the lidocane shot there were no tears. Evan just watched intently as he was getting stitched up. He is so curious about everything! We were out of the ER in less than an hour, so all in all it wasn't too bad.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Work

Tomorrow is our three year anniversary and the next day I go back to work. I'm sure going to miss getting to snuggle up with my little man during the day. Not that he will let me do that too often. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.

I finally posted pictures on smugmug,

Friday, July 30, 2010


Can that be right? Could my baby boy already be 8 months old? It has gone by in a flash. I already miss my baby. I really get upset with myself when I think about all the things he did that I never got on video, knowing he won't do them again. I should have had that thing attached to my hip the whole time. It is just so hard for me to remember to do it all. I bet half of my pictures for the 365 scrapbook are in his PJs. Maybe I'll do a better job with the next one? At least I have it all in my head and have kept a pretty good journal. Hopefully, my words will conjure up the images I have missed catching on film.

On to my organization, the kitchen is done. I still need to go buy some plastic bins for clothes though.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm trying to get everything organized in the very short time before I go back to work. It is so sad that my summer is coming to an end and I won't be able to spend as much time with the little man. Even if a lot of it is in the playpen/bouncer/crib so that I can get some things done around here. At least I can drop what I'm doing and get some love from him whenever I want. So far, I have taken all of Evan's too small clothes and gotten them together. I just need to get some plastic tubs to get them up in the attic. I also got some things together that we just don't use anymore. I need to work on my kitchen, too. I have some things that I didn't have room for in the old house and haven't found a place for here. The point is, I need to get a move on. I'm going back to work on August 4th, which happens to be our 3rd anniversary. Happy anniversary to me! Hopefully, once I get back in the swing of things at work I won't be so upset about having to be there. It will be nice to see my friends again.

Evan is doing great! He started pulling up and walking around the coffee table shortly after he mastered crawling. In the past week or so he has cut another two teeth. Now he has two bottom and two top chompers. He likes all of his baby food, even meat. He is a lot better about eating the little finger foods, too. Still gags, but not quite as much as a few weeks ago. I used to get scared and stop trying after one star or yogurt melt. I'm still working on babyproofing although I did get the plugs covered at least. I need to finish that before I go back to work, too. Justin's cousin, Samantha, is going to be watching Evan now. We are excited that he will be able to sleep in and it will make it easier on Justin and I getting out of the house. I barely got out of the house on time even when Justin was the one driving Evan to Grammy's in the morning. We were late to church on Sunday because I was getting both of us ready by myself. I know that my tardiness is not surprising anyone.

Evan and I are still planning to go to the lake and Dallas. We might even make a stop at the beach for a day, too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun!

This was really the first time Tiny E and I really got out this summer. We have been taking it easy since I got off work a couple of weeks ago. My first weekend off, Evan and I met my mom and her sisters at Canyon Lake. That was a good time and the sisters loved giving the little man attention. He got his first haircut while we were there. Aunt Sue came prepared with her scissors. He just needed a little trim.

We haven't yet, but are looking forward to spending time with friends this summer. Hopefully, we'll get in a little time in Dallas and at the lake.
Evan is mobile now and we won't be able to stop him from anything. I have to finish my baby proofing!